Who We Are

Kainos means renewed, and this is a pretty good description of what has happened at Kainos. We began 10 years ago as a people who loved Jesus, but were uncertain how to love people. Not that we didn’t love people, but how, who, when do we love? We knew two things for certain about Jesus: He loves us and he wanted us to love others with Him. The renewal of our church in those 10 years has been hard and exciting, awkward and rewarding. We see God’s Spirit at work and we are encouraged by what He has taught us about what it means to love.


Love is wonderful much of the time, but in human hands we can make it difficult. We have learned to be patient with one another, seeking the good in one another’s intentions. We have learned to pray through the tough times and to speak up when one of us seems to be struggling with life. We have found that relationships are the place where God’s kainos, his renewal takes place. And most importantly, we were reminded that the Love of Jesus moves beyond all of our struggles. Jesus is faithful in His Love for us, and we lean more and more into it.

Our most valuable lesson is that Jesus loves everyone. Every single person, regardless of their background. However, we have also learned that, for a lot of reasons, most people do not trust that love. This saddens us more and more. We want to walk with anyone who desires to learn about the Love of Jesus. It is the only way that we have learned to cope with the harshness of life. Whether it is addictions, heartache, loneliness, fear, confusion, incarceration, or abandonment, the love of Jesus Christ allows for a new, full life that has hope and direction and belonging and more. Are you hurting? Are you in need? Jesus loves you and we want to help you discover just how much.


We believe in God our Father who created men and women to have relationship with him as His children.

We believe in sin that separated men and women from God. This separation left us broken in our hearts and spirits which results in hard consequences and hard lives.

We believe in Jesus Christ who is God’s answer for our hard lives and the consequences of sin. Jesus is the remedy for every sin, the way to a life beyond what we are born into. If we call on Jesus and choose to follow Him, then we have access to all of His love and mercy and patience.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, God’s gift to any man and woman who commits to a life in Jesus. The Spirit is our direct connection to Jesus while we live on earth. The Spirit is our counselor as we move about life and our comforter as we struggle with this life.

We believe that Jesus created the church as his representation on earth. Just as there are many kinds of people, there are many expressions of His church, but nearly all churches share the same basic beliefs.

We believe in the Love of Jesus Christ to cover all of our sins. We will fail often in this life, but when we turn to Jesus looking for forgiveness and the genuine desire to learn from Him – he always welcomes us back and teaches us.